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Dog Training

Basic dog obedience training is the foundation for solving a wide range of behavioural issues. Sloppy Kisses offers obedience training and puppy classes to our clients in collaboration with Rene Claassen, from Custom K9.

Big or small, we train them all!

Custom K9 strives to give individuals the knowledge and skills to better understand their own canine companions. Enabling both owner and dog to harness the best qualities that the relationship man and man’s best friend has to offer. Training is presented at your home or can be done whilst your dog is at daycare. Packages are customized to suit your needs and the training is tailored to suit your dog!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Rene.

dog training

Dog Training Services

  • Obedience training

  • Socialization

  • Puppy training

  • Reconditioning behavior

  • Assistance with introduction of new dogs to the family

  • Rehabilitation of adopted dogs

  • Working training

  • Doggy Duffles

Puppy Training with Smart Puppy

Smart Puppy has been training pups and their people for more than 20 years and is a trusted partner for Puppy Classes in the Northern Suburbs.

The initial Puppy class course is five weeks and is run on a Saturday at 11.30am at Sloppy Kisses.

Puppy training provides the puppy with a solid foundation.

During the classes:

  • The pup will learn practical cues eg loose lead walking, recall skills, leaving articles etc. These cues set the puppy up for success and minimise some of the frustrations sometimes experienced by puppy parents

  • The puppy will be exposed to a wide range of experiences and free play with other pups of similar age, in a controlled and positive way

  • Puppy parents will gain a greater understanding of how their puppy learns, what the pup’s needs are and this leads to the pup enjoying a more enriched life experience

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